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Voice Recognition Software


I had a request for a voice recognition software from a member of Student services.


  1. I was wondering, have you ever had such request?
  2. If so, which software did you propose (free or not?)

Actions taken following this Appeal to All

We don’t really like Windows’ voice recognition as we find its efficiency does not seem very optimal. We are currently testing Google Docs voice recognition and also the use of iPhone/iPad’s Siri. If these solutions don’t seem satisfying, we plan on getting Dragon Naturally Speakings.

Detailed Responses



Rafael Scapin

Dragon is a very good voice recognition paying software.

Nuance Communications is an American multinational that creates and markets image and voice recognition software for individuals, companies of all sizes; in health sector but also in the sectors of defense and governmental organization. The main functions of Nuance products are the integrated voice recognition, the optical character recognition, Office Imaging Solutions, and also Call Steering and Medical Transcription Systems (Wikipédia).

René Bélanger

Dragon (the best).

There is also a free voice recognition with Windows and Google Documents.

Maxime Ross

There already exists a function in Google Docs for voice recognition, and it writes for us, in editor, the text that was simply said.

Marilyn Nadeau

We use Médialexie, Word Q and Dragon Naturally Speaking.

David Laplante

We, at Adapted Services, use two software: one is Dragon and the other one is SpeakQ. I am told by a colleague that they can both be deceiving but if she had to choose between the two, she would then choose SpeakQ because it is integrated in the same suite as WordQ. On the other hand, she stresses the need to revise what the tool achieves, implying a revision by vocal synthesis. The other advantage of SpeakQ, according to the same colleague, is its free one-month trial.

Chantal Desrosiers

Voice recognition is now available for free in Windows 7. However, the computer needs to recognize the voice of its user, which requires time and implies that the user uses the same computer at all time.

Voice recognition from Windows:

Control panel -> Voice recognition (Windows 7). Also available in Windows 8 and 10 for free.

There are other pay versions software, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Vieux Montréal
Daniel Bourry

This morning, I had a conversation with Mr. Roch Ducharme from CCSI (Centre collégial de soutien à l’intégration) on voice recognition software.

According to his experience, the rate of errors for these software is very high and it takes quite a long time before there is a correct recognition of the voice. Wearing a headset is highly recommended.

The Dragon Naturally Speaking software is one of the best known. Again, according to him, the best software these days would be Siri (Apple).

I did my own research. Windows has an integrated voice recognition system. However, the result is not out of the ordinary.


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