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Virtual Reality: For What Pedagogical Uses?

During the April 2017 ITREP meeting, Christophe Reverd and Pascale Blanc (Vitrine technologie-éducation – VTÉ), as well as Christophe Rousseau (Connexence), presented the following activity: Virtual Reality: For What Pedagogical Uses? (in French)

After having led you into the universe of 3D immersive virtual environments at Polytechnique Montréal, then had you try cardboard glasses with Google Cardboard, VTÉ invites you to test virtual reality helmets. You could experience these helmets (Oculus Rift, HTC, etc.) at the Connexence booth at the April 2017 ITREP meeting. During the discussion that followed, we talked about the pedagogical potential of virtual reality and the first initiatives of the college network in this field, before sharing your perspectives and needs.

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