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Unique Identifier from the Omnivox “Portal” Module


Our students are currently using several identifiers to connect on different platforms from the college (Omnivox, Library website, printing module, etc.).

In order to facilitate access to these platforms, we are thinking about implementing a unique entry point with an automatic identification, from Omnivox. This way, once identified on Omnivox, students would automatically be recognized as subscribers to our services, thus not having to identify themselves on other platforms to access their personal files.


According to Skytech, the Portal module on Omnivox would allow the creation of such links. I would like to know whether, among colleges using Omnivox, some have taken this option. If so, how did you integrate the various platforms? Did you have any difficulties? How did you announce these changes to users? Are you satisfied?

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Madona Moukhachen

We are in the same process at Ahuntsic; it’s a new project that has just started. The College chose this solution as proposed by Skytech and the Communication Department is currently integrating the Portal module which will allow for a unique access to all platforms. As it just started, I could get back to you later in the process.

However, from what I understand, it won’t change anything for users. Via Omnivox, users will have different links for platforms such as Léa, Moodle and the Library website, or for printing, without having to enter their information each time. Promises are grand, let’s now see what happens.

This is all for now, I will let you know when we have more to share.

ITA – La Pocatière
Vincent Breton

Yes, we do have the Portal and yes, it is the unique identifier and password from Omnivox that is used for all platforms (Office 365, network, Moodle, wireless printing with Everyoneprint, etc.). We use the LDAP protocol (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and it’s the Omnivox Portal that uploads the identifier and password of the student in our AD (Active Directory). All others are linked to our AD to validate the information.

Jean de Brébeuf
Jean Allard

We have been using this service from Omnivox for several years without any problems for the GroupWise email, for managing passwords, the staff directory, access via Citrix or to access a file manager. And probably several other services, which are not obvious for me and for other users.

However, we have implemented our own identification portal which offers and will continue offering many services in cloud computing. This service, via NetIQ® xAccess, currently offers unique identification for the following services:

Google Apps, GroupWise, Office 365 and Magellan, which is a web training site.

The ICTCorrector, used by students to validate their ICT work, the file manager Filer as well as RH-Paie for HR services should all be added at the start of the next academic year. Other services will be added to this interface in September. The presentation of the services is in the form of attractive tiles giving IT flexibility for different access points, depending on the users’ category and permissions granted.

We will have more and more services in cloud computing and I believe that we will gradually opt for a SSO (Single Sign-On) link from Omnivox, which will automatically lead to the available services via our own SSO.

I will be able to give out more information at the start of the next school year on new services that we are thinking of adding. But it is clear that we are counting on our own system to gradually initiate our SSO service, hence simplifying user access.

We will inform users by email or MIO and for students, we give out the information using our Magellan training program.

Geneviève Ducharme

We activated the module but are still looking at how to make the best use of it. With that in mind, I will be very interested with the responses from your Appeal to All.

Lanaudière à L’Assomption
Jean-Luc Trussart

Here is the information from Cégep régional de Lanaudière à l’Assomption:

“This is what we do with our links to Above, access to my Files and Repro+. Skytech activated the service on demand. As long as it works, we are satisfied. One of the difficulties we have is to give out the information on reinitializing external services after changing a password. We try to broadcast the information using the Portal or MIO for students” (Department of Facilities and IT).

Caroline Boucher

We have two platforms that require two entries: Léa and Moodle. We also find it annoying. Can’t wait to see the results of your consultation.

Louise Carmel

We don’t have this option and are still using two different access codes.


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