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Professional Identity of IT REPs

Portrait of ITREPs

Here are the results of a survey completed by ITREPs: position in the college, percentage of work dedicated to ICT, relevance of the ITREP Network, expectation of (or needs from) the ITREP Network for the coming months, etc.


Portrait of IT Representatives 2018-2019 (in French). For a translation in English, contact us !

February 2019
Portrait of IT Representatives 2017-2018 (in French) February 2018
Portrait of IT Representatives 2016-2017 (in English) October 2016
Rôle et tâches d’une conseillère pédagogique TIC tel que perçu par Marie-Josée Tondreau – Abitibi-Témiscamingue (document Prezi) (en français)

June 2012

Support ITREPs in Fulfilling Their Mandates 

Role and Tasks of an ICT Pedagogical Counsellor: Evolution? (in French) April 2014

 Support ITREPs from English-Speaking CEGEPs and Colleges

To optimize the participation of ITREPs in ICT Network Projects, meetings bring together ITREPs and the Network coordinator, aiming to: 

  • Exchange on individual and collective needs of participants (English-speaking community)
  • Identify actions to support these needs
  • Implement actions identified during these meetings
  • Promote the use of resources developed by ITREPs