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Plagiarism and Copyright

Plagiarism and cheating are topics of concern at all levels of education. Colleges are developing a variety of strategies for preventing and detecting such cases. Members of the ITREP Network regularly organize workshops, round tables discussions and produce resources on the topic.

This concerns students, as well as teachers, who are interested in respecting copyright laws. 

Animation documents

  • Perreault, N. (2018). Respecting intellectual integrity and preventing plagiarism is possible. New Structure :  1. Generation C and data on electronic plagiarism 2. Intellectual integrity and plagiarism: two basic concepts 3. Types of cheating: plagiarism and purchase of assignments 4. Plagiarism: why ? 5. Preventing plagiarism 6. Detecting plagiarism : Tricks and tips, Software for detecting plagiarism 7. Sanctions 8. Issues related to electronic plagiarism 9. Mediagraphy
  • Perreault, N. (2016). Stratégies de prévention du plagiat New

    This Google Doc document is editable. It presents strategies for preventing plagiarism, grouped into four types of intervention: inform, train, design/create/present the work, evaluate.

    The intervention strategies incorporate targets (knowledge, skills, and social skills). Resources are also presented (tutorials, learning activities, suggestions, examples, etc.) but a few empty cells remain… It is possible to improve the document according to the situation at each college and by adding other available resources.

    The document goes with the slideshow described above but it can be used on its own. It can be useful for academic counsellors and librarians when planning activities, as well as for teachers interested in preventing plagiarism.

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