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Cloud Computing

This section regroups documentation concerning Cloud Computing in colleges, whether it’s about better understanding its concerns, finding out what is being done in colleges or offering resources to teachers and ITREPs on the technopedagogical use of these platforms.

Better understanding Cloud Computing and its different concerns

What is being done in colleges

Articles from the ITREP website concerning “Cloud Computing”


Resources for ITREPs


Better understanding Cloud Computing and its different concerns

Infonuagique et collaboration virtuelle (in French). François Casabon (Fédération des cégeps)

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Cloud computing solutions will soon be an integral part of the education world and of our interactions with students. They have already become unavoidable for the new generation of virtual work teams. The paradigms associated with using cloud computing are recent and are provoking the collapse of geographical, technological (e.g. Mac vs. PC) and chronological barriers. With this context in mind, how can CEGEPs capitalize on this technology in their teaching?

This slideshow, which was presented at the ITREP meeting in October 2015, defines the concept of  “cloud computing”. It also presents cloud computing tools currently available in the college network. The slideshow also looks at the technical, legal and financial issues associated with using cloud computing, linked with the software or platforms used in the college network (LEA, Moodle, Omnivox, Webex, Adobe Connect, VIA, etc.). The issue of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is also addressed.

October 2015

Infonuagique et pédagogie: faire classe dans le nuage (in French). Lab by Vitrine Technologie éducation. 

January, February, March 2015

Prendre le virage infonuagique sans frapper un mur (in French). Notes taken during an exchange activity that occured at the October 2014 IT Rep Meeting.

October 2014

What is being done in colleges

OneNote Platform for Independent Learning Activity presented by Manijeh Ali (John Abbott College) at the ITREP meeting.

April 2017

The potential of Google Apps Education for stimulating students projects! The IT pedagogical counselor and four teachers from Collège de Rosemont testify about invoking Google Apps for Education with students. 

March 2015


Office 365 Suite

There already are many video tutorials about the technical aspects of the Office 365 apps that exist. For example:

Google Drive Suite

Perreault, N. (2015). L’infonuagique avec Google Drive pour partager et collaborer – Cloud computing with Google Drive to share and collaborate (in French). A 75-minute online presentation to continuing education and business services resource persons that was held on December 15, 2015. 

  • Preview of what Cloud computing is, its advantages; cloud computing suites used in colleges.
  • Examples of using cloud computing (in this case, Google Drive) in the REPTIC/IT REP Network.
  • Creating a Google Drive space, creating a file and a folder, sharing a file, a folder and collaborating, importing files and converting them for editing.
  • Accompanying document: it contains the links to the examples presented in the clip and the sources of inspiration.

Maxime Ross, Cégep de Rimouski. Présentation Google Classroom – débutant

Présentation de Google Classroom, survol rapide des fonctions, exemples d’utilisation et ressources complémentaires

Create a Gmail account (in French – 5-minute clip from Maxime Ross, Cégep de Rimouski)


Resources for ITREPs

Office 365 Education Webinar (in French). Lab by Vitrine Technologie éducation presented by Pierre-Julien Guay on February 25, 2016.

42-minute video recording. How to benefit from Office 365 for free for pedagogical institutions that have subscribed to a membership with Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES). List of all possible applications and supported devices. Explanation of how the administration console works for the organization’s resource persons.

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) – administrative aspects

Here are a group of resources (in French) created by Luc Blain and Marilyn Nadeau (Cégep de Sainte-Foy) that are destined to the administrators of a Google Apps for Education account. These resources were created for the activity “Une visite au coeur des applis Google pour l’éducation” that took place at the October 2015 ITREP meeting.