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Association pour les applications pédagogiques de l’ordinateur au postsecondaire (APOP)

APOP logoAPOP provides technopedagogical training and development services to stakeholders involved in higher education institutions, businesses and organizations. APOP also offers support and consulting services to help implement pedagogical use of digital tools and adapt multimedia content. Since 1982, professionals at APOP have contributed to various achievements in technopedagogy. The team draws from this solid expertise to ensure continuity and versatility of action regarding technopedagogical development and digital appropriation.



1535 Ch Ste-Foy bureau 120
Québec (Québec) G1S 2P1
Phone: 581 981-7002
General information: info@apop.qc.ca

Hélène Martineau 
581 981-7002 poste 215


Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale (AQPC)

Logo AQPCThe AQPC is a place where all college education specialists can meet. Its aim is to shine light on pedagogical innovation in the College network and to promote reflection on pedagogical issues by everyone working in a pedagogical environment, using (among other things) information provided by other national and international networks of higher education. Its magazine, Pédagogie collégiale and its annual colloquium are open to all questions related to the pedagogical use of information and communication technologies.



7000, rue Marie-Victorin, office C-003
Montreal (Quebec)  H1G 2J6
Phone: 514 328-3805 Fax: 514 328-3824
Email: info@aqpc.qc.ca

Richard Moisan, AQPC

Richard Moisan

Stéphanie Carle, AQPC

Stéphanie Carle
Rédactrice en chef de Pédagogie collégiale
514 953-9276

Samuel Bernard
General Director 514 328-3805


Mélissa Fontaine 
Coordonnatrice du colloque
514 328-3805


Association pour la recherche au collégial (ARC)

Logo ARCFirst and foremost, ARC is a meeting place for discussion on college research. It works on the development of research in colleges, inter alia by taking positions on questions related to research, by organizing activities and/or colloquiums, by setting up support for research, by giving out awards and by participating in metaresearch.



255, rue Ontario Est, suite A-7.67
Montreal (Quebec)  H2X 1X6
Phone: 514 843-8491 Fax: 514 982-3448

  Patrice Aubertin
Emmanuelle Marceau, ARC Emmanuelle Marceau
Chargée de projet
Lynn Lapostolle, ARC Lynn Lapostolle
Directrice générale
  Hélène Tardif
Chargée de projet
Christian Barrette, ARC Christian Barrette
Chargé de projet


Cégep à distance

Logo Cégep à distanceCégep à distance is a college studies centre dedicated to distance learning, also offering its services to the College network. It serves a diversified student population coming mostly from other colleges in the network. Its main role is to provide college programs of study with distance learning, in the province of Québec and outside of Québec. Some of the tasks of Cégep à distance are the development and production of materials needed for distance learning and the creation of studies and research in distance learning, and of experimental projects for the integration of ICT in its activities.



6300, 16e Avenue
Montreal (Quebec)  H1X 2S9
Phone: 514 864-6464 Toll-free: 1 800 665-6400

Carole Gaudin
Directrice de la Formation continue, du Cégep à distance
et des services aux entreprises
514 864-6464 poste 4794




Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique (CCDMD)

Logo CCDMDCCDMD’s mandate is to promote the development of teaching material adapted to the needs of the College network, so that students and teachers have access to high end educational material, which include all printed or digital resources used for learning and for teaching one or several skills in a program of studies.



3800, rue Sherbrooke Est, D-3707
Montréal (Quebec) H1X 2A2
Phone: 514 873-2200 Fax: 514 864-4908

Cathie Dugas, CCDMD

Cathie Dugas
514 873-2200

Sylvain Gagnon, CCDMD

Sylvain Gagnon
Technicien pour le soutien informatique
514 873-7823
Skype: Soutien-CCDMD

Cyr-Marc Debien, CCDMD

Cyr-Marc Debien
Coordonnateur de la production
514 873-2200 poste 2248

Jean-Marc Lapointe, CCDMD

Jonathan-Marc Lapointe
Technicien informatique
514 873-2200 poste 2255

 Denis Chabot, CCDMD

Denis Chabot
Chargé de projets
514 873-2200 poste 2246



Centre de documentation collégiale (CDC)

Logo CDC

The Centre de documentation collégiale (CDC) is a unique library specializing in college level education. The mission of the CDC is to collect, retain, process, disseminate, and promote a collection of documents specialized in education so as to meet the needs of the various stakeholders in the college network. The CDC manages EDUQ.info, the open archive of the Quebec college network, which collects, retains, and disseminates documents about teaching, learning, and institutional development in Quebec’s Cegeps and colleges.


The CDC also provides stakeholders from the college network with exclusive access to education-related databases and ebooks. Visit the CDC Website for more information.

CDC services are free of charge for Quebec’s college and Cegep personnel, college network partner organizations as well as university students and researchers interested in Quebec’s college network who reside in Quebec.



1111, rue Lapierre
LaSalle (Quebec)  H8N 2J4
Phone: 514 364-3327 Fax: 514 364-2627
Email: info@cdc.qc.ca

Isabelle Laplante, CDC

Isabelle Laplante Librarian 514 364-3327 ext 1

Andrée Dagenais Librarian 514 364-3327 ext 2

Valérie Rioux Librarian 514-364-3327 ext 3

Ghislain Plante Library Technician 514-364-3327 ext 4


Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES)

General Administration of University and Interorder Affairs Administration of Student, Institutional and International Affairs



1035, rue De La Chevrotière, 18th floor Quebec (Quebec) G1R 5A5 Phone: 418 646-1534 Toll-free: 1 866 747-6626 Fax: 418 646-656 Website


Jean-François Constant Directeur des affaires étudiantes et institutionnelles


Christine Regalbuto Responsable de l’intégration des TIC et de la formation à distance



Logo PERFORMADedicated to the pedagogical professional development of teachers, PERFORMA is a university structure founded by a partnership bringing together Université de Sherbrooke and some colleges.  PERFORMA offers customized continuing education programs based on the needs identified by pedagogical personnel at work. Concerning information and communication technologies, PERFORMA offers bachelor’s degree level courses of 1 to 3 credits on the discovery and adequate use of pedagogical resources related to ICTs. At the master’s degree level, programs offered by PERFORMA aim at developing competencies and at integrating ICTs into one’s professional activities through activities of adaptation and innovation.



2500, boul. de l’Université Sherbrooke (Quebec)  J1K 2R1 Phone: 819 821-8000 Fax: 819 821-8055 Toll-free : 1 800 267-8337 Email : performa@usherbrooke.ca Website

Jules Bélanger, PERFORMA

Jules Bélanger Director 1 800 267-8337 ext 62467



Plateforme collégiale DECclic

Logo DECclicDECclic hosts and manages the Moodle environment as well as other similar services for approximately 40 colleges. It also serves its community with on-line help, professional development and other network activities.



10555, avenue de Bois-de-Boulogne Montreal (Quebec)  H4N 1L4 Phone: (514) 332-3000, ext 6021 Website

François Lizotte, DECclic

François Lizotte Chief Coordinator 514 332-3000, ext 6021 Skype : flizotte

Jean-Paul Raiche, DECclic

Jean-Paul Raîche Coordinator, French Sector 819 679-1371 Skype : jpraîche

Claudette Ouellette, DECclic

Claudette Ouellette Advisor and Coordinator, French Sector Skype : ouel-clo

  Momar Diakhate Technicien



Logo ProfwebProfweb shares inspiring educational practices as well as presenting articles on College network educational and digital news. Profweb also promotes digital resources linked to college teaching and learning and promotes a calendar of activities. Finally, Profweb offers college teachers a free web environment to host their educational projects.



Cégep Limoilou, Charlesbourg Campus 7600, 3rdAvenue E Quebec (Quebec)  G1H 7L4 Phone: 418-647-6600 ext 3831 Email: info@profweb.ca Website


Caroline Villeneuve Coordinator 418 647-6600 ext 3829

Catherine Rhéaume, Profweb Catherine Rhéaume Editor, French Sector

Editor, English Sector

Andréanne Turgeon, Profweb Andréanne Turgeon Editor, French Sector 418 647-6600 ext 3828

Ryan W. Moon Editor, English Sector 450 672-7360 ext. 446

  Editor, English Sector

Éditeur, secteur anglophone

Guillaume Vachon Web Designer and Web Space Technical Support 418 647-6600 ext 3831

Mélissa Philippe Special Collaborator, Digital Entrepreneurship 418 647-6600 ext 3834



Vitrine technologie-éducation

Logo VTÉVitrine technologie-éducation (VTÉ) has contributed its expertise at the service of higher education since 1992 with activities and technology news, a shared catalog of resources for teaching and learning and virtual labs aimed at emerging educational technologies. In addition, VTÉ also offers group purchasing for software to the College network, to universities and School Boards.


10500, avenue de Bois-de-Boulogne Montreal (Quebec)  H4N 1L4 Phone: 514 332-3000, ext 6022 Email: info@vteducation.org Website

Pascale Blanc Coordinator 514 332-3000, ext 6026

Jean-Pierre Dufresne Learning Technology Advisor 514 332-3000, ext 6028

Anne-Marie Cinq-Mars, VTÉ

Anne-Marie Cinq-Mars Information Officer 514 332-3000, ext 6025