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Mailing List

Mailing list’s target clientele:  the use of the REPTIC/ITREP list is reserved for ICT respondents who have been identified by academic deans of all colleges from the college network and for ICT partners of the college network. The list is updated three times per year.

Its objective: the mailing list is an exchange tool essential to a learning community where everyone is invited to share aspects of their professional life or for asking questions regarding the integration of ICT via appeals to all, to which all are invited to participate.

List’s email address: to send a message in French, write to: rep_tic@listes.reptic.qc.ca. For English ICT reps (ITREPs), a second address is available: it_rep@listes.reptic.qc.ca; messages sent to this address are written in English. Only people subscribed to these lists can send messages to the respective lists.

Appeals to all: those sending an appeal to all must commit to return a compilation of all answers received in the four weeks following the appeal. In order to avoid filling up the mailing list, all answers must be sent to the person who made the appeal. Compilations of answers will be deposited in the REPTIC/ITREP site and will be easily identifiable from attributed keywords.

Netiquette: postings must be “light”. For heavy files, hyperlinks are better so that users can download the files rather than have them distributed on the list.