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Copyright-Free documents

he media shared on this site may be used for personal, educational and non-commercial purposes as stipulated by the following Creative Commons license unless otherwise indicated in the media’s data sheet.

Commercial Use

Any use of the media from the World of Images website for commercial purposes must be the subject of a unique contract between the applicant wishing to use the media and the media rights owner. The main purpose of these copyright-free media files is for the development of non-commercial educational material

Consequently, anyone contemplating the commercial use of a media must contact the rights owner by email at the address provided in order to come to an agreement regarding the terms of use.

For more information on the Copyright Act, visit the site of the Department of Justice at: http://lois.justice.gc.ca/en/C-42/.

Source Citation

Users must always cite the author and source of a media.

Example : © 2014, Réseau REPTIC Team. ICT Profile for College Students, Réseau des répondants et répondants TIC (REPTIC) Fédération des cégeps.

Media Integrity

To maintain and protect the integrity of a work under the Copyright Act, media used on this site should not be altered. Otherwise, the wording “Altered image” must be included with the document source.