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English Placement Test


Teachers from the English department in my college have some questions on the English placement test. Here they are:


  1. Which English placement test are you using in your college?
  2. If the test is done through the internet, do students complete it from home or at the college?
  3. What is your rate of satisfaction with this test?

Actions taken following this Appeal to All

Thank you all for generously answering these questions. I tested everything with my iPad. I found its use easy and it gave results as expected.

Detailed Responses



Marie-Josée Tondreau

Test: eTCALS from the CCDMD.

Location: Here are the instructions (in French): consignes.

Satisfaction: Very satisfied.

Lisa Tremblay

Test: The teaching organization does the first placement based on high school graduates’ marks from their English class

Location: At home.

Satisfaction: Somewhat satisfied.

Baie Comeau

Stéphanie Coll

Test: No placement tests in our college. It is based on their marks from high school.

Location: N/A

Satisfaction: N/A


Laurence Lachapelle-Bégin

Test: In our college, we use an in-house test that was developed by one of our retired teachers and it mostly evaluates knowledge of grammar and some vocabulary.

Location: The test is now available online and students do it from home (we hope that it’s the students who answer the questions!!!)

Satisfaction: Our rate of satisfaction is so-so. However, even if we wanted to start using the TCALS (Test de classement d’anglais langue seconde au collegial), developed for the College network (and for which a version that reports anomalies will soon be ready), the TCALS costs $1 per student. It isn’t much for a test except that we have more than 7000 students at Édouard-Montpetit, so it becomes an issue for us. For now, instructions are to keep using our old test.


Manon Lessard

Test: eTCALS from the CCDMD

Location: At the college.

Satisfaction: Teachers are satisfied as correction is done automatically and the placement results are fairly consistent. Before, when paper tests were used, teachers had to reclassify about 15% of their students. With the eTCALS, only 5% need to be reclassified.

Lanaudière à Terrebonne

Martin Pelletier

Test: We use eTCALS and we validate results with their Sec. V marks.

Location: Students can do the test either in a lab at the college or at home.

Satisfaction: Satisfied.

Lanaudière – Formation continue
André Beauregard

Test: In Cont.Ed,. we created our own online test with WordPress and the Gravity Forms plugin.

Location: At home.

Satisfaction: Satisfied.


Élisabeth Maegerlein

Test: We use the final grade from the Sec. V English ministerial exam for most of our students. But, for about 100 students per semester, their path is different. For these students, we invite them to take a placement test given by the Modern Language Department, where the eTCALS test is used. Once the students are placed in a level, they go to their first class where teachers re-evaluate them and adjust their level if necessary.

Location: N/A

Satisfaction: Perfect? No, but we are now used to it.

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