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Serious Games at the CCDMD

During the April 2017 ITREP meeting, Cyr-Marc Debien and Denis Chabot (CCDMD) presented the following activity (in French): Serious Games at the CCDMD

The CCDMD’s catalog features twenty or so digital resources classified under the “serious games” category. In most of these games, an inductive approach brings the learner to discover the underlying rules to resolving problems in the game. The learner sometimes has to apply these rules or transfer his/her learned experience in different situations. During this workshop, CCDMD will present a selection of serious games that were developed in the last few years and that are now incorporated in a variety of courses and programs at the College level. Games are grouped into four categories. The list includes:

  • Simulation games: Campagne électorale II; Chasseurs-cueilleurs III; Simulation d’un exercice de communication en relation d’aide IV (SECRA); Vendeur IV
  • “Pure” simulations: Centre de renseignements en techniques policières (CRTP II); Simulation en logistique du transport; Simulation en techniques de traitement d’analyses biomédicales (TRAB)
  • Case studies (APP): La piqûre de l’injection; Spirex
  • Led (adventure) or interactive questionnaire: El Camino de Santiago; Sortir de l’impasse avec les participes passés; Le détecteur de fautes.

Documentation: Presentation (in French)

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