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Using the Omnivox Portal with LÉA and MIO in Continuing Education


Our Cont. Ed. services will start using the Omnivox Portal with LÉA and MIO in the next month. Our satellite colleges (Joliette, Terrebonne and L’Assomption) have been using these tools for the last two or three years, and only Cont.Ed had not made the change yet. Your answers to the following questions on the implementation of these tools for Cont. Ed. in your college would be greatly appreciated.


Does your college use the Omnivox Portal with LÉA and MIO? If so, does Cont.Ed. services use these tools as well? (please specify)

  1. If your answer is yes, does your college Cont.Ed ask lecturers (hourly-paid instructors) to enter grades themselves in LÉA? Please specify your way of working (for part time, full time, evening class, etc.)
  2. If your answer is yes, did you have any difficulties with the implementation?
  3. If your answer is no, how do you proceed?
  4. If your answer is no, which tools are used in Cont.Ed.?

Detailed Responses



Marie-Josée Tondreau

Cont.Ed uses the same tools. However, only for credit courses that are approved by the Ministry of Education. Grades are entered by teachers.

I would have liked for all to have access to LÉA and MIO, but it is not possible for non-credit courses (e.g. 14 hours or training specific to an enterprise). For students to have access to Omnivox, they must have been ‘created’ in the CLARA system and have a permanent code, and for new teachers, they have to go through the whole system in order to access Omnivox (which can be a long process).

When teachers come to meet with me (very few do) because they want to use online tools to upload documents and homework, I have them create a blog or an Internet site, or I give them training on Google tools.

Ana-Paula Cordeiro

Both Day Division and Cont.Ed use the Omnivox Portal with LÉA and MIO at André-Laurendeau. Lecturers in Cont.Ed enter grades in LÉA themselves.

New teachers are given a user guide for LÉA when hired. Except for a few, there are no problems.

Guy Germain

We have been using the Omnivox Portal and MIO for a long time, but LÉA is not activated at Bois-de-Boulogne. We made that choice because of DECclic originating from here.

Yves Munn

No, Cégep@distance does not use the Omnivox Portal, nor LÉA or MIO.

We use a unique and adapted home system, with its own limits, called SOCI, which works with a joint system called MERLIN.

Manon Lessard

No, we use Col.NET from Coba, which is used both in Cont. Ed and in the Day Division.

Sonia Marchand

Our college, including Cont.Ed., uses the Omnivox Portal with LÉA and MIO. Lecturers enter grades in LÉA themselves.

Mathieu Lépine

Our college uses the Omnivox Portal with LÉA and MIO.

Lecturers enter grades themselves. The procedure is the same as in the Day Division. We also have an online course campus; all ACS (Attestations of Collegial Studies). For these, there is an Omnivox account per program. This means that MIO is not used by the online courses teachers as there can be 50 of them who share the account. Instead, they use the College email.

No difficulty with the implementation, but the process is being reviewed.

Séverine Parent

Our college use the Omnivox Portal with LÉA and MIO.

Cont. Ed. does not use these tools. Teachers in Cont. Ed. could use some of the modules (e.g. MIO) but they could not use the function for entering grades.

Lecturers do not enter grades. Cont. Ed tells them not to do it. If you would like more details, you can contact Sophie Lemieux – sophie.lemieux@climoilou.qc.ca, pedagogical counsellor for the Recognition of Acquired Competencies Service at 418.647.6600 ext. 6566.

Ghislaine Laurin

We do not use Omnivox with LÉA and MIO; we use COBA and Col.NET.

(Note: we also have the DECclic platform II so we will soon be using Moodle…)

Pierre Dumont

Here, Cont.Ed. has been using LÉA and MIO since the beginning. New teachers are trained before the beginning of each new cohort.

No major problems at the beginning, I provided help when needed. For sure the size of the college and Cont. Ed. favors this type of approach.

Louis Raymond

Our college uses the Omnivox Portal with LÉA and MIO.

More and more of our lecturers use these tools. However, there is still a lot of work to do to increase their use.

We ask lecturers to enter grades in LÉA themselves, but there are still people who don’t do it. For some, it is because they are not comfortable with this technology. It is important to establish coaching to help them better understand these tools. When they don’t enter grades in LÉA, they send them by email to our technician.

Bruno Lavoie

We have been using Omnivox, LÉA and MIO since 2008. Cont. Ed. has also been using Omnivox since 2008.

Together with the pedagogical counsellors from Cont. Ed., we agreed to train Cont. Ed. teachers for grading and for using LÉA (attendance). I also train all new cohorts starting in a Cont.Ed. program. It is important to mention that we have our own Educational Management System which allows us to transfer grades during the different Cont. Ed. sessions.

Danielle Charbonneau

Our college has been using the Omnivox Portal with LÉA and MIO since January of 2010.

Cont. Ed. uses these tools which we made available at the same time for both Cont. Ed and Day Division.

Lecturers enter grades in LÉA themselves.

As I recall, no problems with the implementation. The person who could answer this question more completely will be back next fall.

Alain Duquette

We have been using Omnivox for a long time. And since October 2010, we added CLARA, and indirectly, LÉA.

Yes, Cont. Ed. uses them.

Teachers have to submit the final grades on Omnivox. Using LÉA is still optional.

I know that there were implementation problems, but I don’t have the details. The IT department should be asked these questions. However, there is a recurrent problem with Cont. Ed. It can take quite a while before Cont. Ed. teachers can see their course and students in LÉA. The institution seems to have difficulties updating data on time.

Jean Poirier

Our college, including Cont. Ed., uses the Omnivox Portal with LÉA and MIO. Lecturers enter grades in LÉA themselves. No difficulty with the implementation. The process is the same as for the Day Division.

Chantal Desrosiers

Our college, including Cont. Ed., uses these tools. Grades are entered by teachers. No difficulty with the implementation. Non-credited activities are treated differently. No notes or references in LÉA.

Lorraine Ouellette

Our college uses the Omnivox Portal with LÉA and MIO.

Cont. Ed. has been using these tools for less than one year. They wanted to start using them as soon as the Portal was available at the college. It is a much appreciated tool. All lecturers enter their grades.

I don’t think that there were any difficulties with the implementation as when there is a problem, I am the one they call. I provided very little training, and Cont. Ed. created their own guide for their teachers.

Vieux Montréal
Daniel Bourry

No, not this semester. We will start using LÉA and MIO next semester.


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