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Little Guide for the Ideal Applicant – your opinion

Little Guide for the Ideal Applicant – your opinion

A Little Guide for the Ideal Applicant is under development: this new section of the CyberSelf.ca web space will inform and raise students’ awareness about the importance of projecting a professional image on the Web during AND after a job hunt. 

Work conducted by the the team  leaded the identification of  topic that will be included in the guide. For example: 

  • Can my digital image influence recruiters’ choices?

  • My digital identity (the image I project on the Web) :
    • What does it currently look like? How to get information on the traces I’ve left on the Web?
    • How can I ensure that the image I project on social media is appropriate? What to post, what not to post? Pictures, text (think before you post), opinions, status, etc.
    • How to erase negative traces?
  • After getting a job, what about my digital image and identity? Are there rules to respect? 


If you are interested by the project, using one multiple-choice question, we ask your opinion  on the relevance of the proposed subjects and, if applicable, your comments, suggestions, etc.

Link to the form : http://bit.ly/LittleGuide-consultation


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