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Is My Assignment Ready To Be Submitted? A multiple uses tool to prevent plagiarism

At the AQPC (Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale)  annual symposium in June 2017, Julie Verdy and Catherine Paquin-Boivin from the CEGEP Marie Victorin presented a workshop entitled L’enseignement explicite des bases de l’intégrité intellectuelle (Teaching Intellectual Integrity in an Explicit Manner). They presented presented a decision-making tool, intended for students, about respecting intellectual property.

It is a decision tree that features five essential questions to answer before submitting an assignment. The workshop presented the tool, which may in turn be used as a basis for teaching rules to avoid plagiarism. It may be used by any educational institution and adapted to showcase resources you wish to refer your students to.

http://bit.ly/integrity-decision-making (in English)


  1. Create a copy :
    1. You have a Google account :  make copy of the file  before making any changes: File -> Make a copy
    2. You do not have a Google account :  File Menu -> Download to format…
  2. You may modify the hyperlinks featured in the tool, according to the resources you wish to refer students to.
  3. Send a copy of the electronic file to your students.

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