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The potential of Google Apps Education for stimulating students projects

In the wake of reflections and actions associated with the use of cloud computing (VTÉ Lab, roundtables at the October 2014 and October 2015 REPTIC/IT REP meetings – in French), the REPTIC/IT REP network organized a webinar at Collège Rosemont on using cloud computing in a pedagogical context. This activity took place on March 4, 2015. Marie-Josée Desrochers (pedagogical counsellor), Mélanie Roy, Louis Normand, Marie-France Raymond et France Lavoie, teachers, discussed their use of Google Apps Education with their students.The quality of the images for some of the clips is not at its best, but the teachers’ stories are interesting and inspirational.

Video Clips 

(In French) Questions and comments made during the presentation are available here.

01. Introduction (Nicole Perreault)


02. Google Apps tools for developing students’ projects in a collaborative and cooperative way (Marie-Josée Desrochers)


03. How does Google Apps Education make teamwork easier? (Mélanie Roy)


04. Using Google Classroom in an integration course in Science (Louis Normand)


05. Smart Game Project (written in French) using Google Site (Marie-France Raymond-Dufour)


06. Learning and professional portfolios (France Lavoie)

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