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Framework: ICT Skills Profile for Teachers

For teachers, mastering the skills needed for using ICT for pedagogical reasons has become unavoidable, especially as research reveals its efficiency in supporting the learning and motivation of students.

The reference framework adopted by the IT REP Network was developed by Bernard Bérubé, a former pedagogical counsellor at Cégep Gérald-Godin, and now president of the Fédération du personnel professionnel des collèges (FPPC-CSQ), affiliated with the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ), and Bruno Poellhuber, formerly an ICT pedagogical counsellor at Cégep de Rosemont, who is presently an associate professor at the Faculty of Education at Université de Montréal. The universal set of techno-pedagogical skills intended for teachers in the college system (2005) identifies the most useful skills, both pedagogical and technological, for college teachers who wish to integrate ICTs in their teaching and learning activities. It includes four major sets of competencies:

  • Communication: using ICT in communication and collaboration situations
  • Information: processing information using ICT
  • Pedagogical Design: creating learning activities using ICT
  • Production: developing learning resources taking into account pedagogical design