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Framework: ICT Integration Plan Guide

The guide (available in French only) for developing an ICT integration plan (ICT plan guide) presents the elements to be taken into consideration in the process of integrating ICT into a program of studies or at the institutional level. It presents the steps leading to the development and implementation of an ICT plan, as well as various tools and documents to frame this work: institutional planning, planning inside a program (implementation of general goals, goals for training and for ICT skills, etc.), upgrade ICT skills of teachers, pedagogical design and planning of courses, etc.

Consult the Guide

  • A summary of the Guide (2008):  PDF format
  • The guide according to the documents related to the steps for designing an ICT plan (2008) – in French
  • The guide as a concept map (2006) – in French. ITREPs who wish to consult the concept map in English are invited to contact Nicole Perreault.


Appropriating the Guide

Using the Guide

Various uses of the Guide within the contexts of integrating ICT in a program of studies or college

Élaborer un plan d’intégration des TIC institutionnel :
rôles et responsabilités des intervenants d’un collège

Élaborer un plan d’intégration des TIC institutionnel : rôles et responsabilités des intervenants d’un collège

Scenarios incorporating the Guide: case stories in Social Science and in Business Administration – wrap-up (in French)

The IT REP Network has produced reference frameworks (e.g. ICT exit and information profile of students, ICT Plan Guide, etc.) and participates in working sessions (ICT know-how, conditions for a successful integration of ICT) that allow better identification of the objectives and actions to be achieved in a context of pedagogical integration of ICT in a program of studies or in a college. This is all well and good, but in practice, are there ways to proceed that could help us in our way of using these frameworks and these working sessions? How can we exploit the latter in a judicious and appropriate way? These are the questions that the members of the IT REP Network were invited to answer during our meeting of February 12 and 13, 2009.

From concrete scenarios, one in Social Science and the other in Business Administration, teams made of participants were asked to identify methods and procedures that would benefit from the different frameworks that were developed by the network.