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ICT Profile for College Students leaflet


This 7 1/2 in. X 11 in. leaflet presents the ICT Profile for College Students skills, objectives and tasks. All colleges may print the leaflet and distribute it to teachers and students.

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Color codes and integration of the color palette in Office Suite

Objective: coherent visual images in all productions linked to the ICT Profile. IT reps are encouraged to use these colors in their local projects.

The color palette from the 2014 ICT Profile can be integrated into Office Suite by following these steps:

  1. Right-click on the link below and choose Save link as.
  2. 2014 ICT Profile Color palette
  3. Save file as follow: C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Document Themes\Theme Colors.

To use the Color palette in the Office Suite software:

  • Excel, Word: Page Layout tab > Colors button
  • PowerPoint: Design tab > Colors button
Object Color RGB Hexa
Skill 1
Search for Information
Skill 153-204-000 #99CC00
Objectives 208-255-071 #D0FF47
Tâches 239-255-193 #EFFFC1
Skill 2
Process Information
Skill 255-102-000 #FF6600
Objectives 255-163-102 #FFA366
Tasks 255-224-204 #FFE0CC
Skill 3
Present Information
Skill 000-102-204 #0066CC
Objectives 071-162-255 #470CFF
Tasks 193-224-255 #C1E0FF
Skill 4
Working in a Network
Skill 128-000-128 #800080
Objectives 255-025-255 #FF19FF
Tasks 255-178-255 #FFB2FF
Skill 5
Use ICTs in an Efficient and Responsible Manner
Skill 255-000-000 #FF0000
Objectives 255-102-102 #FF9999
Tasks 255-204-204 #FFCCCC
All Skills Precisions 217-217-217 #D9D9D9


Promoting video tutorials from the ICT Profile for Students

While waiting, why not learn by watching a video? This is what the library at Cégep de Sainte-Foy is offering its students…

Cégep de Sainte-Foy promotes videoclips from the ICT Profile for College Students. A computer, located in a very high traffic area, right next to the audiovisual loans counter, runs non-stop and shows approximatively 20 of the 58 videoclips offered by the ICT Profile for College Students. While students wait their turn to either borrow or return a camera, they have the option of putting on a pair of earphones and listening to the videoclips while they wait. Sometimes students who are passing by are curious and stop to listen. The experience is a bit like visiting a museum or art gallery.

Bookmarks, on which is printed the address of the ICT Profile – Monde en images, are available for students who want to watch a clip again or wish to look at new ones. A QR code is readily displayed for those who are techno-savvy and who wish to enter the address in their phone instantly. If the results of this experience are encouraging, we plan on having more large screens installed in the library.