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ICT Profile for Students: integrating the Profile

Guide for the integration of the ICT Profile for College Students

This section provides access to the Guide for the integration of the ICT Profile for College Students, as well as to documents and grids for use during its integration.

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Integration of the ICT Profile in CEGEPs and colleges

Service Workshop “ICT Profile for Students: from its Promotion to its Implementation” (activity at the April 2017 ITREP meeting)

This activity, hosted by Huguette Dupont at the April 2017 ITREP meeting, allowed ITREPs to share their experience and discuss challenges that arise when it comes to integrating the ICT Profile in programs of study in their colleges. 

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The integration of the ICT Profile for Students in programs of study is now part of the mandates or projects that many of us are considering. Whether you are a veteran when it comes to the ICT Profile, or a new recruit, you may have questions or concerns for which you need solutions? Challenges? Problems to solve? Unmet needs? Experiences or tools to share? If this is the case, this workshop is for you! The topics as well as the structure of the activity reflect the expectations of participants who have specified beforehand their own needs and their contribution to the group. The topics discussed are numerous: promotion of the ICT Profile in a student success context, planning its integration, work and resource tools, assessment of skills, roles and link between all participants in the college (teachers, pedagogical counsellors, librarians), educational aspects, support for students… Sharing best practices, questions-answers, networking, all formulas are permitted to help each other!


Overview of the 2012 Survey

This section provides access to results from a compilation of practices in terms of integration of the ICT Profile for Student in programs from 11 colleges. Results were presented via a videoconference hosted by Huguette Dupont in December 2012.

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Implemented works/college

This section provides access to a set of documents (available in French only) produced by colleges during the integration of the ICT Profile for Students, including: compilation grid, ICT Profile attestation, ICT Profile website, slide shows, analysis grids, student survey, follow-up of the implementation, etc.

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Colleges Local Practices Resources
Drummondville Fiche de recensement de pratique (Geneviève Lizée)
Granby Fiche de recensement de pratique (Huguette Dupont)

New ! Plan TIC du programme Techniques d’éducation à l’enfance (322.A0). Final report submitted in February 2016. (Huguette Dupont)

Jean-de-Brébeuf Fiche de recensement de pratique (Jean Allard)
Jonquière Fiche de recensement de pratique (Manon Lessard)

Lanaudière – L’Assomption Fiche de recensement de pratique (Jean-Luc Trussart)
Lanaudière – Terrebonne Fiche de recensement de pratique (André Beauregard)
Limoilou Fiche de recensement de pratique (Séverine Parent) n/d
Marie-Victorin Fiche de recensement de pratique (France Séguin) n/d
Rivière-du-Loup Fiche de recensement de pratique (Roger LaDurantaye) n/d
Saint-Félicien Fiche de recensement de pratique (Bernard Gagnon) n/d
Saint-Hyacinthe Fiche de recensement de pratique (Gilles Boulanger) n/d
Victoriaville Fiche de recensement de pratique (Lorraine Ouellette)