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Companion Guide

A guide for planning, creating and evaluating the impact of an ICT pedagogical activity on student success

Who can use the guide?

Teachers, ICT pedagogical counsellors and all other pedagogical counsellors in the college network.

How will it be structured?

This guide will present how to create a pedagogical activity that uses ICT. It will have 4 steps: 1. Identify the reasons for the activity (pedagogical issues, pedagogical or technological innovation, etc.). 2. Determine the objectives of the activity. 3. Plan and design the activity. 4. Do an assessment of the activity.

What will be included ?

This guide will present the steps for implementing an ICT pedagogical activity and will offer a set of resources that supports its planning, development and impact on students success: teachers’ stories (inspiration), pedagogical resources (explanatory texts), pedagogical scenarios, search results, forms, questionnaires, etc. This guide will provide a questionnaire to allow teachers to better assess their pedagogical and techno-pedagogical skills, as well as a tool to allow teachers and pedagogical counsellors to track each project.

Which frameworks inspired this guide?

Which frameworks inspired this guide?Le guide se rattache à trois cadres de référence :

  • The TPACK model (Technological pedagogical content knowledge) : according to this model, the successful integration of an ICT pedagogical activity in the classroom must take into account three elements: content, pedagogy and technology. The TPACK model can be used as a guide when questions arise during the implementation process of an ICT activity.
  • Conditions for a successful integration of ICT, taken from the works of Christian Barrette. This work has contributed to highlighting the most favorable conditions for a successful integration of ICT, both from a pedagogical and organizational point of view. This guide helps to ensure that all these conditions are taken into account during the development of an ICT activity. 
  • The ICT Profile for College Students: The ICT Profile for College Students is another framework on which teachers can rely on for support in creating pedagogical activities using ICT.  To plan the integration of skills from the ICT Profile for Students into a pedagogical activity, teachers can use the ICTProfile.ca space, which offers information on the skills, objectives and tasks that are part of the ICT Profile, as well as a set of dynamic resources including stories from teachers who integrate skills from the ICT Profile in their activities, pedagogical scenarios, tutorials for students, etc.

When will the guide be available?

June 2018