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ICT and Success: Analysis grid of an ICT pedagogical scenario

This analysis grid of a pedagogical scenario using ICT is the result of Christian Barrette’s work on the conditions for a successful integration of ICT. 


Analysis grid : Web | Excel 
Reading guide (available in French only)

Who should use this grid?

Teachers and pedagogical counsellors who already have or who are planning a pedagogical activity using ICT.

What is its purpose?

This grid allows its user to easily and quickly assess whether a pedagogical scenario using ICT takes into account the best possible conditions.

What is included in this grid?

This grid is designed as a questionnaire that can be easily and quickly answered. It provides a series of questions with scaled response options.

What are the results?

The responses generate a global score identifying to what degree of efficiency the pedagogical scenario integrates ICT.


Options for using the analysis grid

Here are several option for using the grid, which may be combined:

  1. Individually or in teams
  2. By teachers, IT Reps and other pedagogical counsellors, working individually or as a team
  3. As an assessment tool for an activity that has already taken place, or for one that is being planned
  4. Explicitly (responding to each question directly) or implicitly (serving as a guide for a semi-structured interview)