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Freeware: Objectives and Actions 2015-2016

Objectives and Actions 2015-2016 will be available soon.

Objectives and Actions 2014-2015

Publicize the Availability of Freeware in College Pedagogy


  1. Working with ADTE:
    1. Distribute information related to freeware in an educational context (software, colloquiums, etc.).
    2. Promote the use of the Logiciel libre database developed by the IT REPs Network now operated by ADTE.
  2. Offer a fact sheet presenting the pros and cons of the use of freeware (complete the work begun in 2013-2014).

Offer Resources to Support the Use of Freeware


  1. In collaboration with ADTE, identify freeware related to the ICT Profile for Students skills, reference them in Eurêka in relation to the index key of the Profile (links to access the software). In collaboration with the ICT Profile team.