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CyberSelf.ca : Recognizing, Prevent, Taking Action and… promote!

CyberSelf.ca : Recognizing, Prevent, Taking Action and… promote!

Newspapers increasingly report situations of people who have experienced, often painfully, a situation of cyberbullying, damage to reputation, theft or identity theft.

To inform and support students in their use of social networks, the college network provides students CyberSelf.ca. The site groups together four risk situations that can occur when using social networks: cyberbullying, offline dating, cyber-reputation and image rights, theft and identity theft. Each risk includes the following information: 1. What it is : defines the risk and presents potential consequences, whether for oneself or others. 2. Recognize : situations of “real life” that illustrate various manifestations of risk 3. Prevent : ways to prevent risk 4. Intervene : solutions to deal with the situation and to resolve it.

Colleges are invited to broadcast short video clips on their establishment screens that encourage students to visit the site. Promotional capsules are available in English and French

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