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Contributing to the Educational Success by Mastering the Digital Skills of Students and Teachers

As part of the Fédération des cégeps’ Colloquium, the College Network in the Digital Age, Nicole Perreault, ITREP Network animator, presented a conference entitled Contributing to the Student Success by Mastering the Digital Skills of Students and Teachers. The slideshow is available, as well as notes to accompany the presentation.

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The first part of the presentation concerns the mastery of digital skills by students (digital as a learning item): definition and overview of digital skills, relevance of an ICT Profile for College Students and resources to support the mastery of digital skills, digital badges to recognize their mastery.

The second part is about how digital tools can support teaching and learning: its potential, steps and dimensions associated with setting up activities, winning conditions for the successful integration of digital technology in colleges. Special thanks to Jacques Cool for slides 24 to 30.


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Click on the Options icon (wheel) to view the notes. Download the PowerPoint presentation.


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