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Badge Collégial: Resources

BadgeCollégial.ca Website

Description and access

Each college is provided with a space on the CollegeBagde.ca website, enabling it to award badges, and each student is provided with his/her own badge page for which they can share the link on social media. Fact sheets for each badge awarded as part of the project with the ICT Profile for College Students are also available.  




Badge collégial.ca – Pilot project and future projects

In 2018-2019, the IT REP Network experimented with the awarding of digital badges to recognize and make known the mastery of digital skills by college students. Four colleges participated in the pilot project.

Slideshow description and access

The slideshow first presents the pilot project that took place from January 2017 to June 2018: objectives, implementation steps, results, implementation challenges. Then, it gives an overview of future projects related to the granting of digital badges in the college network and the conditions associated with their success.



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WEBINAR: Developing and implementing Digital Badges at the Cégep de Lanaudière

During this webinar offered in May 2017 (in French), André Beauregard, continuing education counsellor at the Cégep régional de Lanaudière, presents the work being done as part of a project to develop and implement digital badges for non-credit online training. This work, in progress since October 2016, includes the creation and implementation of a series of digital badges for online workshops.

Description and access

This presentation offers an overview of the various steps that have been taken or are still to come: identifying the need, targeting workshops, writing the descriptions of badge (criteria, proofs, awarding, duration, etc.), designing badges, integrating these developments on the WordPress platform (Badge Factor), activating the activities’ completion in Moodle, configuring the Moodle-WordPress link.



Attestation or certification of knowledge of skills from the ICT Profile for Students

Appeals to All Compilation from February 2012 in which proposals were made to attest students’ mastery of skills from the ICT Profile, either by issuing a certificate withing the program, by adding a mention on the report card or any other means.


Documentation on certification of skills from the ICT Profile for students

This resource lists documents which inventory ICT certifications around the world. These documents are part of a research project financed by the MEES.