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Active Learning Classrooms: Practice Does Make You Perfect

During the April 2017 ITREP meeting, Anne-Marie Nault (Collège Montmorency) presented the following activity (in French): Active Learning Classrooms: Practice Does Make You Perfect This video clip summarizes the pedagogical support offered to close to 70 teachers who teach in one of the active-learning classes at Collège Montmorency since winter of 2016. Anne-Marie presents best moves, not-so-good moves,Lire la suite

Voice Recognition Software

Context I had a request for a voice recognition software from a member of Student services. Questions I was wondering, have you ever had such request? If so, which software did you propose (free or not?) Actions taken following this Appeal to All We don’t really like Windows’ voice recognition as we find its efficiencyLire la suite

Management software (database) for school clinic

This article is in French. If you want it to be translated in English, contact Nicole Perreault. Contexte Notre clinique-école en Techniques d’orthèses et de prothèses souhaite évaluer de nouvelles options pour son logiciel de gestion. Un ancien professeur avait créé un logiciel maison à l’aide de File Maker 6, mais les utilisateurs ont changéLire la suite