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Appeal to all : Google form template

Please be very careful not to directly modify the “form”.
To copy the form, : top of the form, far right, click the three buttons vertically aligned -> select “Create a copy”. 

Copy of the form template

Here is the Google form template that may be used for appeals to all. Basic fields are: first name, last name, email, organization. In order to avoid constant updating, the question on the organization is the only one with a scroll-down menu; all others are text fields. You can now add questions related to your appeal to all.

Sending the compilation to all

  1. Once you have received the answers, we would like you to read them over to make sure that:
    1. all responses received are pertinent to the appeal to all;
    2. there are no grammatical errors in the file.
  2. Upload the responses into an Excel format (File > upload to format > Microsoft Excel) in order to transmit them to the IT REP list.
  3. Send an email to the IT REP mailing list, with a reminder of what the questions were, and indicate which actions, reflections or approach you will take.
  4. Upon receiving the Excel page, we will create a mailing using Word and thus create a user-friendly webpage.

For ITREPs who wish to compile received answers in a text document, please consult this page.




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