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Appeals to all : template for compilation in a text document

To make the integration of your compilations on the website more efficient, I would like to receive them in the following format:



  1. Use the Google Text Document template for your compilations and appeals to all. There are two ways to use the document:
    1. Copy the document on your Drive and ask people to respond in the document directly
      File > Create a copy
    2. Upload in Word so that you can enter the responses
      File > Upload in a Word format (same as before)
  • The REPTIC/ITREP site sets up this format. Documents with a landscape orientation don’t fit in the frame of the site. I would then have to reverse the whole document.

  1. As the names of the IT REPs and their colleges are already in the document, you only need to delete the lines from the colleges that did not answer to your appeal to all.

    Note: the list of IT REPs will be updated twice each year. It is possible that you might need to modify the names.

  • There is no need for the position and the contact information (unless the answer comes from someone other than an IT REP)
  • Everything is already in alphabetical order, by college.
  1. Inform your colleagues of the actions, decisions or reflections that this appeal to all brought up. For example:
    • Data shows that the majority of colleges use…
    • Following your responses, it was decided, in our college, that…
  • IT REPs will appreciate knowing what your reflection, conclusion or which decision was made in your college.


IT REPs wishing to question and compile using a Google form, please consult this page.

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