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Antidote 9, Special Needs and French-English Translation


A few weeks ago, we had Antidote 9 installed at the college and we are now questioning its use in the context of adapted services. Antidote 9 provides a French-English translation function which causes some problems. Furthermore, its use requires the internet which is currently blocked for students in adapted services in order to avoid plagiarism.


Do you use Antidote 9 in your college? If so, did you plan for a specific configuration for adapted services users? What strategies are you using against plagiarism?

Detailed Responses



Johane Paradis

We don’t have Antidote 9. We would like to have it for its phonetics recognition in its correction and English corrector. We also operate with blocking codes (i.e. without internet, without medialexie, etc.).

Lanaudière – Terrebonne
Martin Pelletier

Here at Terrebonne we have Antidote 8.

Caroline Boucher

We use Antidote 9.35, which can be used with or without the internet, while limiting access with Faronic Insight. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to communicate with me.

Ghislaine Laurin

Here is the reply from our adapted services counsellor: the CCSI is currently addressing the issue of Antidote 9 in English. I believe that it would be better to wait before using it, as there is a consultation process going on with English teachers at the college. We have to make sure that the evaluation skills do not get in the way of the software tools. We can continue using it for French like we did before, but should wait before using it in English.

Anne-Marie Nault

We are still using Antidote 8 at Montmorency, but we are planning on moving towards Antidote 9 next fall. I don’t have any other solutions for now, but this Appeal to All seems very relevant to me.

Maxime Ross

This is the answer from Martin Sergerie, IT technician: Antidote 9 version 3 is currently installed for Adapted Services. Effectively, there seems to be a problem with its integration with Office 2016 which seems to lose its random integration. I also came to the conclusion that one has to be connected to the internet for optimal operation, and your email confirms that. We also have the LibreOffice suite and it seems that the integration remains with this software. Adapted Services thus recommended its use to students.

We block internet access with the NetSupport School software, installed on a VM (Virtual Machine) which is controlled from my desk. Access is blocked at 90%, except when teachers ask for it. Can you please talk to me about the French-English translator?

Gilles Boulanger

Yes, we use Antidote 9. As far as I know, we have not configured it specifically for Adapted Services.

We use the URKUND service against plagiarism.

Jocelyne Dupont

Answer from our psychosocial worker: We use Antidote on computers in the exam room. The Faronics InSight system allows the supervisor to see students’ screens directly on her work station.

In cases where plagiarism is suspected, she can “freeze” the student’s use of the computer, take a screenshot, which gives a proof of plagiarism, for the teacher. In such cases, the supervisor lets me know and in turn I inform the teacher. It is then up to him or her to sanction the student.

That being said, such situation has never been reported to me. It is important to note that students don’t spend their time cheating; on the contrary, they are very grateful for the help from which they can benefit.

Chantal Desrosiers

Response from Julie Cleary, in charge of Adapted Services: We use Antidote 9 for students from Adapted Services. During exams, the internet is blocked and no student has ever complained that the software was faulty. In fact, the translator that you are talking about only works when Antidote 9 is connected to the internet, so no internet access = no translator.

Vieux Montréal
Daniel Bourry

Response from Martin Prévost, program dean: We use Antidote 9 without access to the internet which does not cause us any problems. There is no particular configuration. However, we are discussing issues on the use of the English module for language classes.

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