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Acquisition Model for Adobe CC Licenses


At our Graphics program’s request, we would like to know how the acquisition of Adobe CC’s (Creative Cloud) licenses is managed elsewhere in Quebec.


  1. In terms of licenses, what are the uses of Adobe CC in your institution?
  2. What is the cost for each Adobe CC license in your institution?
  3. What is the acquisition mode for your Adobe CC licenses?
  4. Since it is no longer possible to include the purchase of software in Capital Budget (MAOB/ Mobilier, Appareillage, Outillage, Bibliothèque), how does your institution proceed for the purchase and distribution of said Adobe CC licenses?
  5. Is there a personal acquisition program for Adobe CC licenses in your institution?
  6. Are there Graphics or Digital Arts programs in your institution?

Actions taken following this Appeal to All

The compilation is transmitted to the Graphics and ITS programs.

Detailed Responses




Steve Falardeau

1.     Everywhere


3.     Group purchase VTÉ (Vitrine Technologie Education) (ETLA)


5.     No

6.     Yes


Laurent Bédard


2.     $149.52

3.     Group purchase VTÉ (ETLA)


5.     Yes, licenses are available for free for employees, under the agreement with ETLA.

6.     Yes

Lanaudière – L’Assomption

Jean-Luc Trussart


2.     For 2016-2017, the cost was $10.48 per FTE for Acrobat Pro and $142.79 per FTE for the Creative Cloud Suite.

3.     Group purchase VTÉ (ETLA)


5.     Yes, connection to the web site https://cegep-lanaudiere.onthehub.com

6.     No


Alain Bonneau




4.     Group purchase VTÉ (ETLA)

5.     Via the Adobe site

6.     Yes, Onthehub

7.     Yes


Anne-Marie Nault

  1. Ideally, 16 classes of 40 (visual arts, cinema, architecture, museum studies) + portables for teachers = approximatively 682 licenses for the Creative Cloud Suite, but it would be appreciated if we could install Adobe Acrobat DC on every employees’ computer.
  2. ETLA agreement: price is determined according to a calculation that is predetermined and not in function of the number of licenses. For the last two years, Collège Montmorency paid approximatively $56,000.00/year for Adobe CC licenses.
  3. Group purchase VTÉ (ETLA)
  4. We have a distinctive process for the Capital Budget software, managed by the ICT pedagogical counsellor, who receives requests from each department and who must analyze and make recommendations to the Capital Budget committee. An envelope is available for the purchase, renewal and software updates, but the final approval is given by the Capital Budget committee.
    For Adobe CC, the agreement was analyzed in 2015 and the departments’ requests were sufficient to justify the ETLA agreement. Therefore, we have an annual contract (valid for 2 years) which gives the CEGEP the right to install a determined number of licenses on work stations of its choice, whether network licenses (labs) or individual ones (portables).
    The access to licenses was very complicated and the implementation was chaotic since the Adobe dashboard was not accessible and technical support was poor, so much so that we had to start procedures to terminate our contract as, after several months after signing the contract, we still had no access to our licenses. Luckily, everything fell into place. A very serious analysis will have to be done in 2018 to evaluate the renewal of the ETLA agreement, which is very expensive.
  5. Yes, we have an online boutique where members of the personnel can obtain the Adobe Creative Cloud (which includes Abode Acrobat DC) for approximatively $14.00 per year. You need a college email address to access it, and payment is charged on the buyer’s credit card. The cost is higher for students (approximatively $28.00 I believe), but the principle is the same.
  6. No


Annie Pineault

1.     The whole college. License, by ETC.

2.     It doesn’t sell by unit: $23,000 per year.

3.     Group purchase VTÉ (ETLA)

4.     In the operating fund.

5.     Yes, an agreement between the college and Adobe for $9,75 per year per teacher, with all of the software.

6.     Yes


Suzie Roy



3.     Adobe

4.     The college doesn’t buy it anymore; we are presently discussing the issue. No

5.     Yes

Vitrine technologie-éducation

Pierre-Julien Guay

Information to complete the compilation:

Extension of the ETLA contract

In order to match the cycle of tenders for Adobe products, the contract with Adobe ETLA was renewed for an 11-month period. The institutions that subscribed to the ETLA agreement are the only ones that can take advantage of this and they will soon have to sign a new affiliation contract with Adobe.

The offer of products was lightly modified. The licenses associated with an individual allows for the synchronization between the applications on work stations and those on mobile devices using services such as Color and Typekit. Collaborative functions are also available. Consequently, prices were increased by 5%, but were adjusted for a period of 11 months rather than 12 months.

Installation for employees is now free and is managed by the console operated by local administrators. The latter had the opportunity to participate in a webinar on how to operate this console last March.

Since this is a contract amendment, prices will be adjusted according to the American exchange rate.

New ETLA contract for 2018

Next Fall we will be able to inform you of the Adobe offer that will be for all member institutions so that you can participate in the new call for tenders. The contract will then be in Canadian currency.

Three options will be proposed for Acrobat and CreativeCloud:

  • Coverage for 100% of FTE and all students
  • Coverage for 100% of FTE and a fraction of total students
  • Coverage for 100% of FTE for Acrobat and a fixed quantity of CreativeCloud licenses.

The price will be established according to the volume of purchases from the group. A fee schedule will be associated with a webinar presentation in September 2017.

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