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Buying a Laptop: Laptop Programs Offering Financing for Students


Several colleges have initiated Laptop Programs for students. In those programs, students are in charge of purchasing their laptop and the financing depends on their means: loans and bursaries, personal funding with a banking institution or parents’ voluntary contribution. Recently, MELS suspended, for an undetermined period, its bursary program for the purchase of computer equipment. We are therefore looking for financing that could help our students.


In your college, what are the financing methods to help students purchase computer equipment in a program of study?

Detailed Responses



ITA – Saint-Hyacinthe and La Pocatière

Jacques Lalumière

Currently, there is nothing offered by the college to help students purchase material. There exists a program, via loans and bursaries called “Training support material” which offers $250 per semester.


Jean Allard

No financing available. A discount is available for students who purchase with Dell, but it’s okay for students to use a laptop that meets only basic requirements. Some of them have Macs; in DualBoot for Windows applications.

Lanaudière – Joliette

Martin Richard

We have a laptop DEC in civil engineering. I didn’t know that the bursary program to help for the purchase of computer equipment was not offered anymore. We do not offer any other alternatives for now.

Lanaudière – L’Assomption

Jean-Luc Trussart

Within the loans and bursaries’ program, there is an allocation of $150 per semester that can be applied for additional school material. For students who have benefited from the AFE (Aide financière aux études – Financial aid for studies) during the 2011-2012 academic year, a $2000 loan for the purchase of a laptop is available.


Pierre Cohen-Bacrie

Students are responsible for applying for a student credit card with their Caisse or Bank, if they need to.


Bruno Lavoie

Financial Aid (loans and bursaries).


Gilles Boulanger

We made a request to our College’s Foundation for a significant amount to give to students (between 200 and 300 dollars). Here is the information concerning the Student Advantage Line of Credit by Caisses Dejardins, compared to COOPSCO.

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