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E-Portfolio Projects in Anglophone Colleges

Cet appel à tous a été lancé par Laurence Bégin-Lachapelle, VTÉ.


An article about the successful implementation of e-portfolios was recently published on the VTÉ blog. While researching information for this article, I looked for examples of e-portfolio use in Anglophone cegeps and colleges.


  1. Are e-portfolios implemented (or in the process of being implemented) in your college, at the course, program, or institutional level?
  2. If so,
    1. Which e-portfolio tools have been selected?
    2. How is the portfolio used?
    3. What are the benefits of using an e-portfolio? (for students, teachers, administration…)
    4. What are the challenges involved in using an e-portfolio? (for students, teachers, administration…)


College/ITREP Answers
Champlain – Lennoxville
Judith Beaudoin
1: No, we do not use eportfolios at Lennoxville…
Champlain – St-Lambert
Jim Sparks
1: None here that I am aware of.
Lee Anne Johnston
1 & 2:I can reply generally, based on my work with the programs:

  • New Media is probably the only program that has a true e-portfolio; it’s done for the Program Exit Assessment.
  • Visual Arts requires a portfolio but I doubt many are electronic. Again, this is a PEA activity where the student presents their artistic works.
  • Computer Science does a web-based PEA; this could be considered an e-portfolio of sorts.

I would love to see more e-portfolios here at Heritage but we’re just not there yet.

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